Board member since 2014. CEO since 2018.


Robert Wu was born and grew up in China. He is educated at a Chineese bank college, and was also educated in Sweden in business. Robert is now a Swedish citizen. Robert has been employeed by People's Bank of China, later by ACG-Nyströmgruppen in Borås as sales manager, Isaberg Rapid AB as regional manager for Asia and held a managerial position with New Wave Group AB before he started Oboya Horticulture Group in 2006, where he previosly has been active as CEO and chairman of the board. He is a member of and one of the founders of Chinese Flower Association. 


Education: Degree from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management and MBA from the University of Gothenburg.


Other current assignments: Chairman of the Board of Goods Sweden AB, PEN Concept Group AB, Vilujo Invest AB and HGWQ Investments AB. Member of the board of PEN Shop Concept AB, PEN Interiör AB, Oboya Automotive AB, WGG Holding AB, Oboya Horticulture Poland Sp. z o. o., Oboya Danmark A/S, CombiPot Danmark ApS, VEFI A/S, VEFI Europa Sp. z o. o., Oboya Salome Packaging Qingdao Ltd, Oboya Metal Qingdao Ltd, Oboya Commerce & Trade Co Ltd, Oboya Horticulture Industries HK Ltd, Oboya Japan Ltd and Oboya Africa Ltd.


Previous positions (past five years):  Chairman of the Board of Oboya Horti Supplies AB and In-Nordic AB. Member of the board of Pro Assistans Sverige AB, Ruizhong Investment AB and HoReCa Konception Europe AB.


Holdings in the company: 1 995 600 class A shares and 8 593 176 class B shares.





CFO since 2014.
Education: MBA from Handelshögskolan in Kalmar.
Other current assignments: Chairman of the board of Flugsvampen HHY AB and PIG Sverige AB. Deputy board member of Oboya Horti Supplies AB, Classic Beauty Göteborg AB and Classic Beauty Invest AB.
Previous positions (past five years): -
Holdings in the company: 49 247 class B shares.


The Oboya group also has local senior managers who are considered to be important for the business of the group in the different jurisdictions where the group has it's business operations. Below is a short presentation of these managers.
Jan Fuglerud (CEO of VEFI A/S, Norway)
Audun Hem Larsen (sales manager Skandinavia)
Anna Dalek (CEO of VEFI Europa Sp.z. o.o., Poland)
Przemyslaw Procek (country manager Poland)
Verner Vest (country manager Denmark)
Changlin Wang (country manager China)
Zhengang Chu (CFO China)

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