About OBOYA Horticulture Industries

Oboya Horticulture is an international business group with significant growth. The growth is both organically and through acquisitions. The group consists of twenty companies operating in production and sales of products to the horticulture business.


Oboya Horticulture's strategy is to grow through acquisitions of companies in the same business area in order to be able to get a wider range of products, make the production more efficient and establish us in new markets and to new customers.


The business area Oboya Horticulture operates in is very fragmented and consists of a large number of producers. However there are only a few large wholesalers in the market, but they don't have their own production plants. This is where Oboya Horticulture differs from the others by having an ambition to within the company manage the whole chain from production to the final customer.

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