Oboya Holding Ltd. is established in Hong Kong by Robert Wu and Eduard Salome.

Oboya Packaging Qingdao Co Ltd. is established in China by Oboya Holding Ltd. The company produces and sells packaging solutions for the plant and flower growing industry.


Oboya Metal Products Qingdao Ltd. is established in China by Robert Wu. The company produces and sells logistic solutions, especially flower carts.


Oboya Packaging Qingdao Co Ltd. starts purchasing and trading operations in floral and plant-related products.


Oboya Holding Ltd. establishes a sales office in Holland.


Oboya Packaging Qingdao Co Ltd. starts sales in China. Offices are established in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Xichang.


Robert Wu acquires Eduard Salome's share of Oboya Holding Ltd. The sales office in Holland is closed.


Oboya establishes Oboya Japan Ltd., Hong Kong, and begins selling on the important Japanese market.


Oboya Packaging Qingdao Co Ltd. establishes an office in Harbin, China, with four Russian-speaking sales representatives charged with cultivating the Russian market.

Oboya Packaging Qingdao Co Ltd. establishes local production in Kunming, which is China's production centre for flowers.


Oboya Holding Ltd. acquires Nu Body Scandinavia AB, name-changed to Oboya Horticulture Industries AB, which becomes the parent company of the Oboya Horticulture group.

Oboya Holding Ltd. establishes Oboya Horticulture Industries HK Ltd., (Hong Kong), as parent company for the operations in China and Hong Kong.

Oboya Holding Ltd. establishes Oboya Africa Ltd. in Nairobi, Kenya, together with two local partners, thereby owning one third of the company. The company will supply growers with products on the important African market, in the first instance for customers in Kenya and Ethiopia.


Oboya Horticulture Industries AB acquires Oboya Horticulture Industries Ltd. including its subsidiaries.

VEFI A/S, Norway, and VEFI Europa Sp.zo.o., Poland, are acquired.

ElmerPrint A/S, Denmark, is acquired.

Oboya Horticulture Poland Sp.zo.o., Poland, is established. At the same time a property of approximately 3 000 square metres is acquired in Rybnik, where the company operates its business. Oboya Horticulture Poland Sp.zo.o. also acquires the assets of a smaller producer of packaging in Poland. The production equipment of ElmerPrint A/S is moved to Oboya Horticulture Poland Sp.zo.o. in an effort to streamline production and lower production costs.

VEFI A/S acquires the assets and the corporate name of a smaller pot manufacturer, Figulus AB, at the same time establishing a company with the same name. Figulus AB's production machinery is moved to VEFI Europa Sp. z o.o.

Oboya Horticulture Industries AB acquires the shares of the external co-operation partners in Oboya Africa Ltd. This makes the company a wholly-owned subsidiary. 



Oboya Horti Supplies AB is established in Sweden.


Oboya Horticulture Industries AB acquires the assets from CombiPot A/S, Danmark. The business operations continues in a subsidiary to ElmerPrint A/S, CombiPot Danmark ApS.


Oboya Horticulture establishes and develops e-commerce in China.



Oboya Horticulture acquires 100 % of Oboya Finance Shanghai Ltd., which owns 50 % of the shares in the Green Tech-company ShangPa Shanghai Information Technologies Ltd. in Shanghai, China.


In October, Oboya Horticulture starts productions of Flow Pack in the subsidiary ElmerPrint A/S' premises in Vejle in Denmark. The manufacturing concerns laser perforated packaging for the vegetable and flower industry.



Qingdao Oboya Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd. was acquired by the Oboya group. The company's  operations includes consultation, project leading and sale of goods. The company works as a partner to growers of fruit and vegetables in China.



Oboya Horticulture acquires the Swedish company COFA Plastics AB with its subsidiary New World Metal Ltd. in Vietnam in January 2018.


In February 2018, Oboya Horticulture Industries establishes a new company,  Oboya Horticulture Technologies Co., Ltd, in Suzhou, China, with operation within Facility Management for the cultivation industry.


In November 2018, the Swedish company Figulus AB is merged with Oboya Horti Supplies AB



CombiPot Danmark ApS, a subsidiary of Oboya Danmark A/S, is sold in April 2019.



Oboya Danmark A/S files for bankruptcy in March 2020.


The Vietnamese company New World Metal Lts. is sold in July 2020.


In December 2020, the Norwegian subsidiary VEFI A/S and the Polish subsidiary VEFI Europa Sp. z o.o were sold.


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