Oboya Horticulture's business concept is to be a total supplier of products for the plant growing industry, home cultivation and indoor environment.


Innovation and development of new products is an important element of Oboya Horticulture's business. The company has several patent and patent applications pending and many innovation projects are under way.


Click here to download Oboya Horticulture's product catalogue:


Oboya Horticulture Collection Catalogue 2019




Packaging for the cultivation industry for herbs, lettuces, cut flowers, potted plants, fruits and berries, i. e. products we buy in the fastmoving consumer goods market.



POTS and trays

Pots, trays and system solutions for efficient growing and distribution of herbs and plants. 




Logistic solutions in the form of carts and transportation vessels for efficient transportation of flowers and plants.




Fertilizers, plant food and peat products.




Smart plant walls with air purification technology for the business and consumer market in China.




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