Oboya deepens cooperation with RRS in the consumer market in China

30 Aug 2018

Following the signing of a broad strategic cooperation agreement between Oboya, HCH Ventures, RRS and Sino-Italy Investments Co. Ltd. in July, Oboya Horticulture has through its wholly-owned subsidiary Qingdao Oboya Commerce and Trade Co. Ltd. received several minor orders from Chinese consumers via RRS in August. The orders cover distribution of Oboya's home gardening products and services via Haier’s distribution network across China.


RRS is a comprehensive service platform of Haier Group dedicated to build a better life in the countryside. It builds the country's largest rural community interactive platform and provides a better life solution. The orders means further cooperation between the two parties in home gardening products and service. The cooperation will greatly promote Oboya to provide high quality home gardening products to consumers in China and is a further step in Oboya’s growth in the Chinese market.


Erik Penser Bank is Oboyas Certified Adviser at Nasdaq First North. 


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Press release 2018-08-30: Oboya deepens cooperation with RRS in consumer market in China


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