Oboya enters strategic agreement with green house partner

26 Aug 2015

Oboya Horticulture Industries AB has signed a strategic partnership with one of the largest Green House Design and Construction companies, Beijing KingPeng International Hi-Tech Co Ltd, China. KingPeng has an acknowledged international reputation on functional, high quality design, construction and services. KingPeng has customers across China as well as many international customers in all major markets.


As a result of the partnership Oboya together with KingPeng’s will be able to supply a complete range of horticulture products - Peat Moss, Coco Peat, Fertilizer, Pot, Trays, Packaging Materials, Labels, Trolleys, Flower Food and Displays.


In the future, Oboya and KingPeng will share sales offices in China, participate in Trade Fairs to achieve operational efficiencies and provide customer with One-Stop-Shopping services.


For more information, please contact:


CEO Robert Wu, tel + 46 73 5630935.


Press release 2015-08-26: Oboya enters strategic agreement with green house partner

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