Oboya is investing in urban cultivation in the Scandinavian market

12 Feb 2020

Oboya Horticulture Industries AB ("Oboya" or "The Company") has decided to invest in urban cultivation in the Scandinavian market. The measures mean that Oboya strengthens the sales organization with a new sales manager in Sweden. The decision was made in the light of the increased number of inquiries the Company received from this new customer segment. Cultivation in the urban environment, both indoors and outdoors, contributes to the environment and sustainability, and not least to the opportunity for locally produced fruit and vegetables.


Cultivation in urban and urban environments has become an increasingly popular phenomenon in the Scandinavian market. Cultivations are often either hydroponic or aquaponic cultivation systems, which means that you grow in a final and self-sufficient system. Urban cultivation contributes to the local population and promotes the environment and sustainability.


Oboya believes that the decision to invest in customers in urban cultivation is commercially positive, in addition, it involves indirect investment in a sustainable future. Through Oboya's subsidiary VEFI, which has been operating for over 70 years and is a leading supplier of products for hydroponic cultivation systems, Oboya can offer environmentally friendly cultivation products made from recyclable plastic, paper or biomaterials. As part of the sales development, Oboya is strengthening the organization with a new sales manager in Sweden with the aim of developing sales to customers in urban cultivation. 


Press release 2020-02-12: Oboya urban cultivation

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