Oboya makes strategic acquisitions in Denmark

16 Sep 2015

Oboya acquires the bankruptcy of Combipot A/S in Odense, Denmark. With the acquisition, Oboya takes over all assets and rights. Oboya will continue to run the business of Combipot in Odense. Oboya intends with this acquisition to strengthen its position in Northern Europe with a broader product range. This is fully in line with the company's strategy to offer customers complete solutions.


Combipot A/S is a production and sales company based in Odense, Denmark. Sales in 2014 amounted to DKK 30 million. The company previously had 25 employees but only 14 employees will be taken over to the new company. No cash payments for the acquisition were made apart from a loan of DKK 5 million is taken over. The company will be a subsidiary of Elmer Print A / S and controlled by the existing organization of Elmer Print. The company has extensive experience in the manufacture of plant and flower pots. The company is well known among other things for its wide range of high-quality, print opportunities on the pots and their "Potato Pot" - a patented pot for growing potatoes for home growers, www.combipot.dk.


"We are very pleased to take over the business of Combipots A/S. It strengthens our presence in Northern Europe, where we already have a broad range of activities. We are now able to offer our existing customers completely new products. We also get great synergies between our subsidiaries ElmerPrint A/S and Combipot A/S with the same management and sales force. This acquisition fits well with our efforts to streamline our businesses," says Mikael Palm Andersson, Chairman of Oboya Horticulture Industries AB.


For more information, please contact:


Chairman Mikael Palm Andersson, tel + 46 070 998070.


Press release 2015-09-16: Oboya makes strategic acquisitions in Denmark


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