Oboya receives orders for cultivation products of SEK 18.5 million spread over two years

13 Nov 2019

Oboya Horticulture Industries AB ("Oboya" or "The Company") has through its wholly owned subsidiary VEFI AS in Drammen, Norway received orders for cultivation products for hydroponic cultivation in Sweden. The order value amounts to approximately SEK 18.5 million and is spread over two years from January 2020.


VEFI AS was founded in 1949 and since then has been operating mainly in hydroponic cultivation for efficient cultivation and distribution. VEFI has been active for 70 years and today is a leading supplier of products for hydroponic cultivation and production is done through the group company VEFI Europa Sp.z.o. o in Poland. Hydroponic cultivation means that cultivation takes place in greenhouses, regardless of the climate with the possibility of growing all year round, and usually in a final and self-sufficient system.


The order value amounted to SEK 18.5 million and relates to the delivery of various cultivation products such as pots, packaging bags, trays etc. and will be delivered continuously over the next two years. The customer is one of the leading Swedish companies in hydroponic cultivation of lettuce, vegetables and fresh herbs in Sweden.


Erik Penser Bank is Oboyas Certified Adviser at Nasdaq First North. Tel: + 46 8-463 83 00

E-post: certifiedadviser@penser.se


For any inquiry regarding this press release, kindly contact:


Robert Wu, CEO of Oboya Horticulture Industries AB (publ)

Phone: + 86 159 6983 5999

E-mail: robert.wu@oboya.cc

Homepage: www.oboya.se


About Oboya Horticulture Industries AB


Oboya Horticulture aims to become a world-leading total supplier of consumables and logistics products for the cultivation industry as well as consumer products for home cultivation and indoor environments. Production takes place in factories in China, Poland, Vietnam and Kenya. More information about the company is available at www.oboya.se.


Press release 2019-11-13: Oboya receives orders for cultivation products of SEK 18,5 million spread over two years

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