Oboya receives several orders on substrates in China

27 Aug 2018

Oboya Horticulture Industries AB (publ) has through its wholly owned subsidiary Oboya Commerce and Trade Co. Ltd in China, received several orders from new Chinese customers. The total order value amounted to EUR 5,2 million, corresponding approximately to SEK 54,2 million.


The new orders concerns sale of 750 containers of substrates to several new customers in China. One of the customers is Guangdong Shengsheng Agricultural Technology Company, which is China's leading vegetable and flower producer. The substrates will be delivered from September to December. The total order value amounted to approximately EUR 5.2 million, corresponding to approximately SEK 54.2 million. The signing of the order will be of great importance to Oboya's development and growth in the Chinese market.


Erik Penser Bank is Oboyas Certified Adviser at Nasdaq First North. 


For any inquiry regarding this press release, kindly contact:


Robert Wu, CEO of Oboya Horticulture Industries AB (publ)

Phone: + 86 159 6983 5999

E-mail: robert.wu@oboya.cc


Press release 2018-08-27: Oboya receives several orders on substrates in China


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