Södertörn's District Court approves an extension of Oboya's company reconstruction

07 Jul 2020

Yesterday Södertörn's District Court approved an extension of COFA Plastics AB's company reconstruction until September 15, 2020.


Erik Penser Bank AB is Oboyas Certified Adviser at Nasdaq First North Growth Market.
Phone: + 46 8-463 83 00, E-mail: certifiedadviser@penser.se


For more information, please contact

Peter Wallin, VD Oboya Horticulture Industries AB

Phone: + 46 763 370727

E-mail: peter.wallin@oboya.se


Press release 2020-07-07: Södertörns Tingsrätt bifaller Oboyas begäran om förlängd rekonstruktionsperiod (in Swedish)

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