OBOYA Horticulture Industries AB (publ.)


The group consists of the Swedish parent company Oboya Horticulture Industries AB (publ.), reg. no. 556362-3197, which has the purpose of acting as group parent company. Also included are fourteen wholly-owned subsidiaries and one 50 percent owned associated company in the subgroup Oboya Horticulture Industries Hong Kong Ltd.



Since the business was started by Robert Wu in 2006, Oboya Horticulture has concentrated on production and service to the global and local plant growing markets.


The company's operations include development, production and sales of, among other things:


              • Packaging solutions for the plant growing industry for products such as spice plants, lettuces, cut flowers, potted

                         plants, fruits and berries that we buy in the fastmoving consumer goods market.

  • Labels for flowers and potted plants.
  • Logistics solutions in the form of carts and transportation vessels for efficient transportation of flowers and plants.
  • Fertilizers, plant food and peat products.
  • Flower displays and exhibits in stores.


Oboya Horticulture Industries AB’s goal is to become one of the world’s leading total suppliers in the fast-moving consumer goods market for flower, plant, vegetable and herb growers and logistics companies that use our products. The company is active in an area where consumers meet the company’s products on a daily basis.


The company’s customers are primarily growers or distributors. They use peat products, fertilizers, packaging, labels, transport carriages, water-based transportation solutions, carts and displays in their day-to-day operations, all of which are products included in Oboya Horticulture’s line of products. Thanks to Oboya Horticulture's broad product line customers are able to reduce the number of suppliers, thereby streamlining their purchasing activity, something that most competitors are unable to offer.


Given the location of the company’s production entities, Oboya Horticulture is close to its customers and the regions where the products are in demand. Innovation and development of new products is an important element of Oboya Horticulture’s business. At the moment the company has several patents and patent applications pending and many innovation projects are under way to develop environmentally friendly products and solutions.

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