OBOYA Africa Ltd

OBOYA Africa Ltd., reg. no. 115980, is a Kenyan company that was acquired in July 2014.



Oboya Africa was established in 2013 together with two local partners and by that time the Oboya group owned 33 percent. In July 2014 the partners shares were acquired and then Oboya Africa became a wholly-owned company in the Oboya Horticulture group. 


About 34 percent of European imports of flowers comes from growers in Kenya and Ethiopia. This is the only region where long-term exports to the EU area is expected to grow.


Oboya Africa has good prospects of being one of the leading producers of packaging and distribution solutions in the region, with distribution also to other parts of Africa.


Oboya Horticulture maintains inventory of, sells and distributes all of its other product groups through Oboya Africa.

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