OBOYA Horticulture Industries HK Ltd.


Oboya Horticulture Industries HK Ltd., reg.no. 6164946300006158, was started in December 2013. The company is a subisidiary to Oboya Horticulture Industries AB (publ.) and serves as group parent company for the Asian sub-group. The sub-group consists of eight wholly-owned subsidiaries and one 50 percent-owned associated company.



Oboya Horticulture Industries HK Ltd. is registered in Hong Kong and serves as parent company for the Asian sub-group. The company's main task is co-ordinating the operations of the subsidiaries in China and Asia.


Products manufactured include cultivation and irrigation equipment for industrial cultivation of flowers and vegetables, logistics products, packaging and sales support products for the floral trade. The group’s products are sold on most important floral markets in more than 25 countries.


The parent company has its own web shop solution where the group’s products can be purchased. There are websites in six different languages.


Oboya Horticulture Industries HK Ltd. works close to its customers and offers customized products and services to customers in the floral industry.

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