OBOYA Horticulture Poland Sp.zo.o.

OBOYA Horticulture Poland Sp.zo.o., reg. no. 243568790, is a Polish company that was established in July 2014.



The company was established by an acquisition of the assets from the Polish company Eurotrade. At the same time Oboya Horticulture Poland Sp.zo.o. acquired a property of approximately 3 000 square metres building and 5 600 square metres land in Rybnik in the south of Poland.


The company manufactures and sells labels and packaging for flowers, seeds and herbs. The company is today one of the largest companies of its business area in Europe.


During the summer 2014 the production equipment of Oboya Danmark A/S (former ElmerPrint A/S) was moved to Oboya Horticulture Poland Sp.zo.o. By concentrating the production of these products to Oboya Horticulture Poland the production will be more rational and cost efficient.

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