Vefi A/S

VEFI A/S, reg. no. 8486900112, is a Norwegian company which was acquired in the beginning of 2014.



VEFI A/S was established already in 1949 with production of plastic products. In 1965 VEFI launched disposable pots made of plastic for growing plants.


VEFI A/S develops systems solutions for efficient growing and distribution. All products are manufactured by the Polish sister company, VEFI Europa.


VEFI A/S develops, manufactures and sells a broad range of thermoformed plastic products for the gardening industry. These are products used in the process of growing, from seed or seedlings to finished product.


The company’s packaging solutions are also used for packaging and distribution of store-ready products, for storage of agricultural products and foods, also in connection with freezing.


VEFI has also developed and adapted technical equipment that promotes efficient handling of agricultural products, from seed to consumer. VEFI’s systems solutions and individual products are today marketed and sold to customers in 15 countries.

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