Vefi Europa Sp.zo.o.

VEFI Europa Sp.zo.o., reg. no.5222714228, is a Polish company which was acquired in the beginning of 2014.



During 2011/2012 all production in VEFI A/S was moved from Norway to Poland, where the newly established company VEFI Europa took over the production. VEFI Europa has its operations in Skierniewice, about 70 kilometres from Warsaw. The facility consists of a factory and warehouse on a 13 000 square meter property. The factory is equipped with, among other things, a number of thermoplastic and injection moulding machines from Illig, Kiefel and TFT.


VEFI Europa is one of the leading suppliers of products made of PS foil for the gardening and vegetable industries. The company is appreciated for its product quality and for the VEFI system. The VEFI system is a complete system with pots, making a practical way of producing, moving and exposing flowering plants in the floral trade. The VEFI system offers highly efficient growing of vegetables, flowers and plants in an industrial environment, where the grower has full control of the growth allowing uniform plants.


Aside from plastics products the company also makes metal shelving, transport carriages and seeders for growers.

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